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Limerick, Eire – Design Consultancy and Business plan

The Market Commissioners needed to develop a design and business plan to revitalise Limerick’s ‘Saturday-only’ Open Market standing in a Courtyard between semi-derelict historic buildings and used during the week as a public carpark. Although it was an established outlet for many excellent local food producers customer attendance was understandably low when it rained – not an unusual occurrence in Limerick.

We proposed a tensile canopy roof to weather-protect the whole Courtyard and act as an architectural focus for regeneration of the Watergate neighbourhood as promoted by the City Council. Tensile canopies are cheap and quick to erect and attendance by Shoppers has soared since completion. Thanks to energetic and imaginative promotion the Milk Market has now evolved into an immensely popular multi-use venue hosting cultural events and exhibitions as well as the local producers market. Search for more details.

Cork, Eire – Market Consultancy

The so-called English Market in Cork is one of the few indoor Market Halls in Ireland and a historical gem. It recovered from a disastrous fire in the 1980’s to develop an eclectic mixture of architectural styles and independent retailers and is worth visiting for its seafood offer alone. Historically, Irish government policy supported independent retailers but the repeal of the so-called Groceries Order exposed them to the same challenges UK independents have faced for years. The Cork Market Traders Association were keen to learn from the UK experience and sought advice on emerging trends in the UK and strategies to attract capital investment for business development. Search